1. General Information

Codezeel owns and distributes intangible copyrighted digital products . We can not issue full refunds after product delivery completion due to their nature. This policy clarifies refund cases and exceptional circumstances that make our product not eligible for a full or partial refund.

Codezeel will have 30 days refund policy, the refund will be given within the period of 30 days after date of purchase product.

Making purchases on our websites, users automatically agree to this Refund Policy and consent to abide by all of its terms.

2. Causes for a Refund

As an owner, Codezeel may provide full or partial product refunds under exceptional circumstances. The reasons that make us honor customer refund requests are as follows.

2.1 When an item is different from its description

An item is “not as described” if it is substantially dissimilar from the item explanation or broadcast so you should anticipate the seller to be transparent when it comes to the skins and purpose of items. You will be refunded if the item is different from its description.

2.2. When an item does not work as it should

You will entitle refund when an item does not work as it should or as broadcasted. It is when you figure out the defect or incompetency at the initial phase. If the seller is not able to drive it properly after updating it you will be refunded back.

2.3 When an item is unable to be downloaded

If you have not downloaded a bought item in 30 days from the date of buying, you may be entitled for refund. You will be instructed to deliver the seller of that item your acquisition code in order for the seller to confirm your entitlement that you have not downloaded an item. Though we deliberate 30 days is a rational time, dependent on your location, you might have prolonged period to privilege a refund if you have bought for individual use and haven’t downloaded the item.

3. How to Request a Refund

Users should allow up to 24 business hours for an author to handle the issue before submitting a refund request.

If our technical team will not resolve issue with your purchase product

Before creating a refund request, users should make sure that it is in accordance with our Terms and Conditions.