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Showing 1–24 of 206 results

Codezeel OpenCart Themes

OpenCart templates are pre-designed designs for OpenCart-powered web storefronts.

Codezeel’s OpenCart themes are unlike other OpenCart themes in that they include wonderful features that aid in the growth of the store.

With such excellent functionality, these eCommerce designs have much simplified modification options that you can install quickly and customize according to your preference.

At Codezeel, you’ll find distinct OpenCart templates designed for various eCommerce sectors.

You only have to choose your OpenCart theme carefully to meet your customer’s requirement.

However, Codezeel’s every OpenCart theme is meticulously designed with the needs of the customer in mind.

Key Features In Codezeel’s OpenCart Themes

Easily Customizable

You don’t need to have a sound knowledge to customize, yet anyone can do that, it’s so simple to customize as per your need.

Faster Opening

We consider loading speed very seriously. All of our themes are designed to decrease loading speed of a theme.

SEO Optimized

Optimize your store for SEO in order to rank your products on Google. SEO optimization is required to increase sales and make your store popular around the world.


Without responsiveness, we don’t deliver our themes to customers. Our OpenCart eCommerce theme looks great on any device!

Stylish Designs

Design is the critical point at which 90% of customers decide whether or not to purchase.

Well, none of our customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the design because we create the best designs that are currently in style and pleasing to the eyes